Julia Azari

Presidential Democracy in the United States

Matthew Yglesias has a stirring piece at Vox about how our presidential system, combined with the nature of contemporary polarization, will eventually lead to Constitutional collapse in the United States. It’s a good and well-informed piece, drawing on the late Juan Linz’s insights about the instability inherent in presidential systems, and a broad range of… Read more »

Party Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Will Scott Walker succeed in building up an independent political base and circumventing the invisible primary? Probably not. Will he try to do that anyway? I don’t know, but there are several reasons why it’s plausible to think this might look like a good strategy for a candidate in Walker’s position. In a story about… Read more »

Rating the Presidents

Two presidency scholars, Justin Vaughn and Brandon Rottinghaus, will release a survey of their fellow political scientists who specialize in the presidency. (They are both friends of mine and Justin and I have written a few papers together) The survey- in which I participated – asks respondents to identify presidents who were overrated and underrated,… Read more »

Abraham Lincoln’s Party Politics

We celebrate Lincoln’s birthday this week (Thursday), and with it we celebrate the often misguided mythology of what presidential leadership actually is. Lincoln’s popular image tends to rest on his status as a war president (which has particular moral significance in light of the end of slavery), his biography outside of politics, and his rhetorical… Read more »