Julia Azari

Has Polarization Killed the Conversation About Social Issues?

Some of the biggest questions in American politics are really questions about ideological disagreement and competition within parties. For the next couple of weeks, I plan to tackle some of these topics here, under the heading “peeking under the tent.” I’m hoping to get to some questions about primaries, factions and ideology, and about how… Read more »

APSA on Fire

As many of you probably know, the main APSA hotel had a fire evacuation on Friday night. The situation lasted about 7 hours. There were no serious injuries and the conference resumed on Saturday. It was, to say, the least, a very bizarre event. Below is my account of the events. The timeline probably has… Read more »

Abandoning the Democratic Script

President Obama’s remarks this afternoon dealt with two distinct crises, the situation in Iraq and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. The two problems differ in many ways, but one characteristic that they share is that both have required Obama to abandon the ways in which he, along with fellow Democrats, have approached the issues at… Read more »

Parades, Presidential Satire and Punching Down

In Norfolk, Nebraska, this year’s Independence Day celebration involved more than just floats with local beauty queens and car dealerships. A float labeled “Obama Presidential Library” featured a dummy in overalls affixed to an outhouse. Not surprisingly, controversy ensued. Nebraska-based media, along with a few national outlets, have reported a story in which Glory Kathurima,… Read more »

Republican Party Factions and the Hobby Lobby Decision

For liberal and feminist writers and scholars, the silver lining of today’s Supreme Court decision in Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. seems to be the prediction that it will make religious conservatives look bad. Slate’s Amanda Marcotte predicts that the decision will make it easier to for political opponents to paint the “Christian right… Read more »