Julie Saltman


UNREST IN ECUADOR….Ecuadorean President Lucio Gutierrez called off the state of emergency he imposed yesterday to quell protests in Quito calling for his resignation. The military, which under the state of emergency was charged with maintaining public order, was not visible on the streets Saturday as thousands of people disobeyed the decree and staged a… Read more »


WITH TAXES WE BUY CIVILIZATION….Max Sawicky writes an ode to the income tax and makes an intriguing suggestion to simplify the tax code. Isn’t the income tax too complicated? Sure. How to simplify it? One way is to tax all income under the same rates, rather than favoring wealth over work, as above. Another is… Read more »


BOOK MEME….Kevin gave us an assignment, and as usual, I’ve left it till the last minute. Here goes. You?re stuck in Fahrenheit 451. Which book would you be? I would be inclined to choose a book on science that reveals a thought process that we could continue to learn things from, but since I’m woefully… Read more »


NOT IMPRESSED….Ohio was Bamboozlepalooza central on Friday, but the loyal few who were allowed to attend Bush’s invite-only propaganda ploy were not terribly impressed. It seems they’ve spent some time in the reality-based community. KIRTLAND, Ohio ? President Bush came to Ohio on Friday to highlight a state retirement savings system that he said showed… Read more »


NOT QUITE UTOPIA….Just another example of conservatives relying on the judiciary instead of the democratic process to further their social agenda. LANSING — The state appeals court on Friday dismissed a challenge to the Ann Arbor school district’s same-sex benefits policy but avoided the bigger legal issue by tossing out the case on a technicality…. Read more »