Justin Spees

The Tea Partier Who Brought His Own Tea

After Rick Perry announced his official entry into the presidential race on Saturday, the Texas governor distinguished himself with a series of maybe-gaffes while touring Iowa. But that tour, which political pundits and Obama have already brushed off as a late entrant’s ramshackle opening, is barely a distinguishing characteristic of a political season that’s been… Read more »

John Boehner’s Political Impasse

Who’d have thought John Boehner would be the one to reinvigorate sympathy for Barack Obama? Reports of acid exchanges between the two during moments of negotiations notwithstanding, they have by all accounts hammered out a positive working relationship. Until the budget negotiations erupted into center-stage drama the president had been casually dismissive about them, assuring… Read more »

Higher Education Advice for India

World Bank officials from the United States have flown to the Indian state of Jharkhand for a brainstorming session, scheduled for tomorrow with Indian academics and bureaucrats. The purpose of this meeting will be to develop a blueprint for improving higher education standards in the state. The Telegraph in Calcutta, India reports: The high-profile visit… Read more »

“Pay for Play” and Television News

Here is the second in our series of articles about a report the FCC released earlier this month about the current state of the news industry. On Monday we provided an excerpt from the report that covered how the Internet has altered the kind of news people receive by impeding on the profits of traditional… Read more »

The State (and Future) of American Journalism

Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission released an exhaustive report on the current media landscape authored by former Washington Monthly editor Steven Waldman. There’s general agreement in the press that the report does a great job of explaining the problems journalism faces, and agreement that it doesn’t offer much in the way of substantive… Read more »