Katha Pollitt

Blogs vs. Print

BLOGS vs. PRINT….We may not always agree on politics, Amy, but I feel the same way you do about political blogs. You mention a number of prominent political writers who’ve shifted their focus to blogging ? and of course there are many others, these days not having a blog is like not having a refrigerator… Read more »

Pride, Prejudice, Blogs

PRIDE, PREJUDICE, BLOGS….I’m getting quite a bit of email from people following this discussion. Two women I think frame the outlying positions very well. One tells me she sent a query to a book review editor, got a polite rejection, and hasn’t tried that editor again. Was that gendered behavior? she asked. Yes! I answered…. Read more »

Too Feminist for the Times?

Too Feminist for the Times?….Amy, I think you are right that at present the female pool of opinion writers is smaller than the male pool for all the reasons you suggest. But I would like to hear your thoughts on why it is that the women who are in the pool ? like the women… Read more »

Terrific women already exist

Terrific Women Already Exist….Before launching into this big and fascinating topic, I’d like to thank Kevin Drum for opening up Political Animal to this conversation. Lots of male bloggers have written their “where are the women?” piece, but so far as I know Kevin is the only one to follow up by inviting women writers… Read more »