Kathleen Geier

R.I.P., Gary Becker

Gary Becker, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, has died. He was 83. Becker was a giant within economics and his work had a profound impact not only within the field but beyond it. Becker, who declared that “the economic approach provides a framework applicable to all human behavior,” was notable for expanding the range of econ… Read more »

Columnist: sports is “the most progressive force in America.” Aside from the rapiness and economic exploitation, he’s got a point!

I want what Timothy Egan is smoking. Clearly, he’s been bogarting the good stuff. Egan recently wrote a column for the New York Times that, ludicrously enough, argues that professional sports is “the most progressive force in America.” His argument focuses on the Donald Sterling scandal and on the racial progress that has been made… Read more »

Hold on to your wallet: Doug Henwood on the Bitcoin scam

Doug Henwood’s cover story for The Nation this week concerns the cyber-currency known as bitcoin. Bitcoin gets taken seriously by many people who should know better. Take, for instance, this inane propaganda video about bitcoin on Vox. The film, which is narrated by Ezra Klein, and was written by Klein and Tim Lee, disses the… Read more »