Kevin Carey

Measuring What Matters

onprofit colleges and universities are represented in Washington by an alphabet soup of organized associations, the most important of which comprise the Big Six. The largest and most powerful is the American Council on Education. The other members are the Association of American Universities, an exclusive group of top research institutions that allows new members… Read more »

Built to Teach

n most ways, Hayley Bates is a typical American college student. She goes to a public school in the suburbs of Seattle, working part-time in a movie theater to pay tuition. Her ambitions are strong but still unfocusedshe thinks she wants to run an organization helping students with disabilities someday, but shes not sure how… Read more »

America’s Best Community Colleges

In the higher education family, community colleges are typically regarded as the poor cousins. Big college guides like U.S. News & World Report and the Princeton Review devote few, if any, of their glossy pages to community colleges, while reporters and pundits for elite publications have little to say about them as well. Part of… Read more »

Measuring What Matters

rked by what they saw as flaws in U.S. Newss methodology for ranking colleges, a group of reformers in the late 1990s pioneered a new approach. With a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts, a panel of educational experts set out to develop a way to quantify how well colleges actually teach their undergraduates. The… Read more »

Is Our Students Learning?

That imaginary mutual-fund market pretty much shows how America’s higher-education market works. Each year prospective college students and their parents pore over glossy brochures and phone-book-sized college guides in order to decide how to invest their hard-earned tuition money–not to mention four years of their lives. Some guides, like the popular rankings published by U.S…. Read more »