Kevin Carey

America’s Best Community Colleges 2013

To see the 2013 Community Colleges Rankings, click here. On July 13, 1946, Harry Truman did something that no president had done before: he created a commission to chart the future of American higher education. Historically, college and university matters had largely been left up to the states. Even the famous Morrill Land-Grant Acts had… Read more »

The Siege of Academe

For years, Silicon Valley has failed to breach the walls of higher education with disruptive technology. But the tide of battle is changing. A report from the front lines.

Stanford’s Credential Problem

A couple of weeks ago, while discussing the announcement of the Harvard / MIT edX initiative, I included a brief recap of what’s been happening over the last six months in the land of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which began as follows: Throughout the fall 2011 semester, a group of well-known Stanford professors had… Read more »