Kevin Carey

Kevin Carey directs the education policy program at New America.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Sins of Animal House

Remember Animal House? The insane debauchery of John Belushi and his Delta brethren? That was some crazy, hilarious, make-a-Roman-emperor-blush behavior. I love that movie. Everyone does. Except you don’t remember Animal House. Not really. No other book, film, or TV show has done more to shape American higher education. But it’s not what you think… Read more »

Tar Heel Scandal and the Myth of the University

The great lie of American higher education is the idea of the university. We all believe these places exist. Not just in the physical sense-there they are-but as coherent organizations that operate with something resembling identifiable cultures, values, systems, and ideas of themselves. Our whole system of rationing, financing, and credentialing higher education depends on… Read more »

America’s Best Community Colleges 2013

To see the 2013 Community Colleges Rankings, click here. On July 13, 1946, Harry Truman did something that no president had done before: he created a commission to chart the future of American higher education. Historically, college and university matters had largely been left up to the states. Even the famous Morrill Land-Grant Acts had… Read more »