Kevin Carey

Stanford’s Credential Problem

A couple of weeks ago, while discussing the announcement of the Harvard / MIT edX initiative, I included a brief recap of what’s been happening over the last six months in the land of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which began as follows: Throughout the fall 2011 semester, a group of well-known Stanford professors had… Read more »

The X Factor

Recently, Harvard University jumped on the accelerating online education train. The creation of edX in partnership with MIT marks the latest development in what’s shaping up to be a fascinating contest between the nation’s leading research universities and its most ambitious private-sector entrepreneurs for domination of virtual higher education. Things began heating up last December…. Read more »

Everyone Should Learn Statistics

I spent the last two days on jury duty in the District of Columbia. (Whatever the broader shortcomings of DC municipal government, their process for hauling you into the jury pool every two years works with uncanny efficiency; watch this space for jury-related blog posts in early May 2014.) It was a DUI case, and,… Read more »

Plumbers Need Post-Secondary Education, Too

In a post titled, “We Need Both Plumbers and English Majors,” Kevin Drum suggests that Rick Santorum may have a point in criticizing the Obama administration’s focus on helping more people earn post-secondary credentials: The detracking movement did a lot to undermine vocational education, and people like Bill Gates and others have since been influential… Read more »

What To Think About the New York City Teacher Value-Added Scores

The highly-controversial New York City teacher value-added scores released last week are being presented by the New York Times with substantial margins of error. And in the end, understanding and reacting to margins of error is the essential challenge of teacher evaluation. Teaching, learning, and the interaction between them are incredibly complicated. As such, there’s… Read more »