Kevin Carey

Dispatch from the Save Our Schools Rally

I went to the Ellipse on Friday to attend the SOS Rally and while I’m going to write something longer and more coherent about it over the next couple of days, here are some semi-random thoughts (and one video) in the meantime: I should have worn sunscreen. If you’re Linda Darling-Hammond and you’re going to… Read more »

Teacher Evaluation and the Triumph of Empiricism

A year ago, Adrian Fenty was the mayor of Washington, DC and Michelle Rhee was the chancellor of DC Public Schools. Rhee had made overhauling the DC system of teacher evaluation the centerpiece of her controversial and widely noted reforms. Instead of the standard system of seniority-based raises and nobody ever being fired for bad… Read more »

Sorry, Obama Didn’t Sell Out to the For-Profit College Lobby

Last week the U.S. Department of Education released the final version of its highly-controversial, long-anticipated “gainful employment” regulations, which are designed to crack down on abuses in the for-profit higher education industry. While the Department kept the basic structure and theory of the regulatory structure first announced last year, many of the specific parameters were… Read more »