Kevin Carey

School Accountability Grows Up

Education Sector published a new report today that Rob Manwaring and I wrote, about using growth models in K-12 accountability systems. The long and the short of it is that when NCLB was written 10 years ago, most states had neither annual tests nor statewide data systems that track the movement of individual students among… Read more »

How America Prepares its Teachers

Share Stanford University School of Education professor Linda Darling-Hammond’s new book, touted by education reform haters as an antidote to Obama administration policy, contains a whole section on lessons from Finland, including a glowing description of Finnish teacher preparation. As a fellow veteran Finland edu-junketeer, I can attest that her description is accurate: Prospective teachers… Read more »

Why Presidential Races Are so Limited

The New York Times reports that the Republican presidential field is caught in a “you first!” death spiral in which good candidates won’t commit to running without support from big-money paymasters and big-money paymasters won’t open their wallets until good candidates commit to running. As a result, when the South Carolina Republican party threw a… Read more »

America’s Best Community Colleges

On July 14, 2009, President Obama stood on an outdoor stage at Macomb Community College in suburban Detroit. In the crowd below local dignitaries mingled with students and former autoworkers. Obama had campaigned at Macomb during the presidential election and was returning to announce the signature higher education effort of his administration: the American Graduation… Read more »

The Mayo Clinic of Higher Ed

On a cold Friday afternoon in February, Chelsea Griffin walked through the fading winter light of downtown Rochester, Minnesota, past old-style restaurants and stores filled with balloons and flowers, into the marble-clad halls of the Mayo Clinic. An elevator and staircase led her to a windowless laboratory, with a stainless steel sink on her left… Read more »