Kevin Drum

Kevin Drum is the political blogger at Mother Jones. Prior to joining Mother Jones, he wrote the Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal from 2004 to 2008. He was a blogosphere pioneer when, after a stint in marketing, he went online as Calpundit in 2003. He lives with his wife and two cats in Irvine, California.

Tax Plans

TAX PLANS….Today’s LA Times headline on a story about Obama’s and McCain’s tax plans: True to party doctrine, the GOP candidate’s economic proposals would ease the burden on the rich, while the Democratic candidate’s would increase it. That’s admirably direct. And it’s even accompanied by a nice little chart showing McCain’s $32,000 tax cut for… Read more »

Iraq Withdrawal Thoughts

IRAQ WITHDRAWAL THOUGHTS….If the Journal is right and we’re about to sign an agreement to withdraw combat troops from Iraq, what does it mean domestically? For starters, I assume that the agreement allows for some kind of long-term “residual force,” and I also assume there will be a bit of weasel wording about the withdrawal… Read more »

U.S. Out of Iraq by 2011

U.S. OUT OF IRAQ BY 2011….Holy cats. According to the Wall Street Journal, we’re getting out of Iraq: U.S. and Iraqi negotiators reached agreement on a security deal that calls for American military forces to leave Iraq’s cities by next summer as a prelude to a full withdrawal of combat troops from the country, according… Read more »

Oil Speculation

OIL SPECULATION….Was the recent spectacular rise, and subsequent fall, in oil prices driven by speculation? In June I admitted that “the huge increase over the past five months has had a bit of a bubbly feel to it,” but I didn’t really have any evidence to back that up. In July I linked to a… Read more »

Georgia Update

GEORGIA UPDATE….In a development which, at this point, should surprise just about no one, it turns out that Russia doesn’t plan to withdraw from Georgia at all: A ranking Russian military official today said Moscow plans to establish 18 long-term checkpoints inside Georgian territory, including at least eight within undisputed Georgian territory outside the pro-Russian… Read more »