Kevin Drum

Kevin Drum is the political blogger at Mother Jones. Prior to joining Mother Jones, he wrote the Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal from 2004 to 2008. He was a blogosphere pioneer when, after a stint in marketing, he went online as Calpundit in 2003. He lives with his wife and two cats in Irvine, California.

McCain’s Choice

McCAIN’S CHOICE….David Brooks writes today that John McCain tried to run an honorable campaign, but it just didn’t work: McCain and his advisers have been compelled to adjust to the hostile environment around them. They have been compelled, at least in their telling, to abandon the campaign they had hoped to run. Now they are… Read more »

Al-Qaeda’s Future

AL-QAEDA’S FUTURE….I saw this chart on a bunch of blogs yesterday and it left me puzzled. It comes from a poll of foreign policy experts, and it made me wonder what the other 49% thought. After all, isn’t Pakistan already the next al-Qaeda stronghold? Today the Center for American Progress posted the full poll results,… Read more »

Georgia Update

GEORGIA UPDATE….Monday has come and gone, so how’s that promised Russian withdrawal from Georgia going? Not so well, apparently: Journalists and diplomats viewing various Russian positions around the country Monday reported no sign of a general pullout. About the only possible evidence of a wind-down was a convoy of Russian trucks that a Reuters news… Read more »

A Possibly Obtuse Economic Question

A POSSIBLY OBTUSE ECONOMIC QUESTION….In Stephen Mihm’s profile of bearish economist Nouriel Roubini this weekend, we first get a rundown of the various global economic crises of the 90s: Roubini began studying these countries and soon identified what he saw as their common weaknesses. On the eve of the crises that befell them, he noticed,… Read more »


NEWT….I’ve been told a number of times that, movement conservative though he may be, Newt Gingrich is at least a serious person driven by serious ideas. Light years better than pure partisan animals like Tom DeLay and Karl Rove, for example. Well, he might be better than DeLay and Rove (YMMV of course), but there’s… Read more »