Kevin Drum

Kevin Drum is the political blogger at Mother Jones. Prior to joining Mother Jones, he wrote the Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal from 2004 to 2008. He was a blogosphere pioneer when, after a stint in marketing, he went online as Calpundit in 2003. He lives with his wife and two cats in Irvine, California.

Attacking John McCain

ATTACKING JOHN McCAIN….Is John McCain an unrepentant warmonger who wants to cut taxes so his beer heiress wife can take home a few more dollars per year? Beats me. But as a campaign attack tactic, it ain’t gonna work. Instead, why not concentrate on character critiques that have some real grounding in reality? Just to… Read more »

Maliki’s Clout

MALIKI’S CLOUT….Juan Cole does some translation from Arabic to bring us the latest news from Iraq: Al-Hayat reports in Arabic that Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Seniora will visit Baghdad this week, seeking petroleum at reduced prices for his country from Iraq. This visit follows on that of King Abdullah II of Jordan, which involved a… Read more »


RICH….What is “rich”? I’m here to give you an answer with no shilly-shallying. I believe that Americans, for better or worse, believe that rich = millionaire. That is, someone with a million dollars in net worth. But here’s the catch: that’s what Americans thought a century ago. In today’s money, that’s about $20 million or… Read more »

Obama at Saddleback

OBAMA AT SADDLEBACK….Liberals have been in a dither for several weeks now over Barack Obama’s supposedly listless campaign performance following his return from Europe, and as near as I can tell this turned into something close to panic after his performance in Saturday’s Saddleback Church pseudo-debate. Obama was deliberate and thoughtful! McCain was direct and… Read more »

Georgia Update

GEORGIA UPDATE….So how’s that Russian pullout from Georgia going? Jonathan Finer of the Washington Post reports: GORI, Georgia, Aug. 17 — Russia pledged Sunday to begin removing its troops from Georgia on Monday, but the streets of this occupied city reflected a broadening, not a waning, of Russia’s military incursion…..During a reporter’s 24-hour stay in… Read more »