Kip Sullivan

Canada’s Burning Reader Response

“Canada’s Burning! Media myths about universal health coverage, ” by Theodore Marmor and Kip Sullivan, falsely assume that what works for Canadian health care consumers is relevant in the U.S. and that bashing the media messenger will disprove the facts and opinions that journalists report. And they downplay and deny the well known but inconvenient… Read more »

Canada’s Burning!

The three major reports on Canada, by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and ABC News, used the overcrowding problem as evidence that Canada’s universal health insurance program was critically flawed. The problems of Canadian emergency rooms, in short, indicted Canada’s medicare. The two major reports on the problem in the United States, by… Read more »

Pull the Plug

Joseph’s HMO doctors had plenty of time to diagnose him correctly. He was examined immediately after his fall in an emergency room, the fractured rib was detected, and Joseph was told to see his primary care doctor the next day, Monday. But on Monday, Joseph’s regular doctor was not available. According to Joseph’s records, the… Read more »

Bad Prescription

At stake in the upcoming Medicare debate is not just the fairness and sufficiency of Medicare funding, but whether health care for America’s elderly will be turned over to the insurance industry which has made such a mess of health care for the non-elderly. To judge from the privatizers’ rhetoric, you would think that health… Read more »