Laura Bornfreund

At Education Week: Connect Children to the Classroom Early

Last week, Education Week released its annual Quality Counts report. This year, the report includes an expansive focus on early education: “Preparing to Launch: Early Childhood’s Academic Countdown.” It’s worth checking out. As part of the release, I wrote a commentary in response to this question posed by Education Week: What’s a research concern that… Read more »

As State Pre-K Expands, Where Does Head Start Fit In?

Much of the expanding policy conversation around early childhood education has revolved around state pre-K. Head Start, the country’s largest early education program, has been somewhat left out of the conversation. Providing approximately one million children from low-income families with comprehensive services, Head Start can play a pivotal role in the lives of many youngsters…. Read more »

Beyond Subprime Learning: Our Ideas for Accelerating Progress in Early Education

In January, the Early Education Initiative released the report Subprime Learning: Early Education in America Since the Great Recession. We found that during the last five years the federal government and states focused on building infrastructure and improving coordination across early childhood programs. This attention was sorely needed, but now it’s time to turn the… Read more »

#thankateacher: Why We Do What We Do

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! All of us at New America have been touched by amazing educators—teachers that helped us, inspired us, and influenced us to work toward a better education for all students. We know you have too. So remember to #thankateacher this week. Here are some we will never forget. Laura Bornfreund: My… Read more »