Laura Rozen

The Scion

ubad Talabani is one of those cultural anomalies who somehow seem like natural creatures of Washington. Few twenty-nine-year-olds are trusted to serve as the top envoy of a foreign entity to the United States, as Talabanithe son of Iraqi President Jalal Talabaniis by Iraqs Kurdistan Regional Government. But Talabanislim, goateed, English-accented, a onetime Italian-car mechanic… Read more »

Condis Conundrum

In 2005, when Condoleezza Rice became secretary of state, she took over from someone with whom she shared more than a few similarities: Colin Powell. Like Powell, Rice enjoys popularity beyond that of anyone else in the administration. Like Powell, she was schooled in the realist tradition of foreign policy thinking. And, like Powell, she… Read more »

Cheney’s Dead-Enders

With the departure of his longtime friend Donald Rumsfeld, John Boltons resignation as U.N. ambassador, and Democrats taking over Congress, times seem grim for the Dick Cheney wing of the Bush administration. The vice presidents vision of a unitary executiveotherwise known as the imperial presidencywill almost certainly be challenged by congressional oversight committees, and perhaps… Read more »

BEFORE KEVIN takes away the keys, let me thank him and Washington Monthly readers for the chance to post here. It’s among my most favorite and frequently visited sites, and I’m looking forward to typing in the url and getting Kevin’s take on the news again, as no doubt, is everybody else. I also wanted… Read more »

Maureen Freely, the translator for among others Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, writes in the (August 13th) NY Times book review about Turkish writers on trial: To date, there have been more than 60 cases brought against [Turkish] novelists, publishers, journalists, scholars, politicians and cartoonists. Hrant Dink, the editor of the Turkish-Armenian weekly Agos, currently has… Read more »