Laura Rozen

AVOIDING ANOTHER ‘SLAM DUNK’? Columbia University’s Gary Sick, formerly an official in the National Security Councils of presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan, doesn’t think much of the House Intelligence committee report (.pdf) on the strategic threat posed by Iran, referenced below: … The author did not have the time or inclination to talk to any… Read more »

IS THE MARKETING campaign against Iran begun? Here was the deputy director of operations for the joint chiefs of staff at the Pentagon yesterday: The Iranian government is training and equipping much of the Shiite insurgency in Iraq, a senior U.S. general said Wednesday, drawing one of the most direct links by the Pentagon. …… Read more »

Bolton and Niger Uranium Fiasco

Bolton and Niger Uranium Fiasco…. Steve Clemons has a post you will want to read about the previously undisclosed role of undersecretary of state and UN ambassador-nominee John Bolton in pushing bogus information contained in the forged “Niger uranium” documents in a fact sheet distributed at the United Nations, despite deep skepticism about the Niger… Read more »

Overcoming Anti-Semitism in Europe’s Most Arab City

Overcoming Anti-Semitism in Europe’s Most Arab City….Regular readers of my site, War and Piece, may be aware that I like spy fiction (and non fiction). So I was drawn into this Jerusalem Post interview today with American spy novelist Claire Berlinski. The interview is not really about Berlinski’s spy novel, but about a fascinating article… Read more »

Israel-US Policy Shifts

Israel-US Policy Shifts….Foreign policy is an outgrowth of domestic policy. In a shift left from the recent past, Israel is now reaching out to liberal Jewish groups for support of Ariel Sharon?s Gaza disengagement plan opposed by some American evangelical and ultra conservative groups, the Forward?s Ori Nir reports. Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Danny Ayalon,… Read more »