Laura Rozen

Iran Tea Leaves

Iran Tea Leaves…Getting much attention this morning is a Times of London report that Israel has drawn up plans for an air and land assault on Iran?s nuclear facilities. And some specific plans are laid out. But let?s pause for a moment to suggest that drawing up plans is not the same thing as agreeing… Read more »

Con Tract

In the essay–which appeared in a 1999 dusty academic tome, Leo Strauss, the Straussians, and the American Regime, Shulsky and Schmitt attempt to discern what the late political philosopher Leo Strauss would have said about the modes of thinking that dominate conventional U.S. intelligence analysis. Strauss was a mentor to many of the leading neoconservative… Read more »

Missing the Boat In Macedonia

If ever there was a conflict that Washington should have seen coming, this would seem to be it. Macedonia is not some mysterious, impenetrable land, like North Korea, where good intelligence is hard to come by. Thousands of GIs and scores of U.S. intelligence agents have been on the ground in that Balkan nation since… Read more »