Leon Fuerth

Final entry

This is my final post here. Many thanks to Kevin Drum and the Washington Monthly for having me as a guest this week. One last word on bipartisanship, blame and Katrina. As Kevin said a few days ago, while the lion?s share of the responsibility begins and ends at the Federal level, there?s also plenty… Read more »

Some commenters think that Republicans can?t be far-sighted, and they didn?t like it when I said that far-sightedness is a bipartisan issue. Fair enough, up to a point. But only up to a point. I don?t like much of what the Republican Party wants to do, but I think we?re smarter to look for allies… Read more »

Government shortsightedness

In my first post, I talked about the disaster in New Orleans as an example of government shortsightedness. What look like unexpected calamities are often anything but. They?re moments when we pay the price for ignoring things that we shouldn?t be ignoring. What can we do about the shortsightedness of government? We (and this means… Read more »

Thinking about the unthinkable

Once again, President Bush is trying to dodge blame for a major failure of public policy ? in this case, failure over years to upgrade New Orleans? flood control systems, compounded by failure to move fast once it was clear that disaster was in the making. The President wants to appeal to our sense of… Read more »