Lindsay Beyerstein

Bird flu

Another Bird Flu Warning? The Washington Post reports that a mystery illness has killed nine farmers and sickened others in Sichuan, China. These deaths may be linked to the deadly strain of influenza that has killed nearly 60 people in Southeast Asia. Disturbingly, the Chinese authorities may not be cooperating fully with global public health… Read more »


Boom Town…* The reality-based community is expanding rapidly: Poll: Many Fear Iraq Hurting Terror Fight WASHINGTON — A growing number of Americans fear the war in Iraq is undermining the fight against terrorism and raising the risk of terrorist attacks in this country, a poll found. Almost half, 47 percent, say the war in Iraq… Read more »


Genealogy… The History Channel is doing a series on human evolution. I wish I could find a picture of the ads they’ve been running on buses in my neighborhood. The art is a parody of a famous detail from the Sistine Chapel ceiling ? in the ad the hand of God has been replaced by… Read more »

Your Submission is Appreciated

Thank You For Riding the MTA, Your Submission is Appreciated… The AP reports that New York subway riders “submitted calmly” to the first day of random bag and briefcase searches. So, the plan is working. People are acquiescing and feeling good about it: And Amy Wilson, 28, said the officers’ work “makes me feel safer…. Read more »

Democratic Senators Skip Hughes’ Confirmation Hearing

Democratic Senators Skip Hughes’ Confirmation Hearing… Not a single Democratic Senator showed up for Karen Hughes’ confirmation hearing. According to the Wall Street Journal, Senate Dems had “plans” to grill Karen Hughes on her potential role in the Rove/Libby/Plame scandal. But somehow those plans never materialized. Hughes has been called by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald… Read more »