Lindsey Tepe

Why 14 States Are Choosing to #GoOpen

Leaders from 14 states and 40 school districts gathered at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California, last Friday to announce their support for using high-quality, openly educational resources in classrooms—a step that brings public education closer to realizing the full potential of using, sharing, and improving upon educational materials to meet the needs of all… Read more »

Paying For Teacher PD and Textbooks Shouldn’t Be Either/Or

A letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register last week exposes a new concern for teachers: Could funding for professional development soon be consumed by textbook companies? “In my 13 years as a public school educator, I have never attended effective professional development provided by a textbook publisher,” wrote Janice Arthur, a middle… Read more »

New Report Sheds Light on the Need for Digital Equity at Home for Education

Fourth grade homework isn’t what it used to be. As teachers have increasingly integrated new technologies into their classroom instruction, take-home assignments have similarly morphed from pencil and paper worksheets to interactive online activities. Once they get home from school, students might be expected to watch a math lesson on Khan Academy as part of… Read more »