Liz Willen

Why All Screen Time Isn’t Created Equally

It’s a tempting thought: Put a toddler in front of a computer or video with the right program and they’ll quickly acquire skills like reading, writing and early math. The thought is so alluring that parents often ask early education teachers what the best apps are, said Lisa Guernsey, speaking at the national seminar of… Read more »

The Learning Accelerator on Blended Learning: ‘In the Future, We’ll Just Call it Learning’

If you’ve attended a major education conference this year or follow education trends, you’ve likely heard a phrase that is creating great excitement: blended learning. The concept is gaining traction because it allows teachers to work with students at their individual level and at their own pace. Via technology, students get real-time instruction and instant… Read more »

What’s Race Got to Do With It? Everything, as Topic Eclipses Ed-Tech

San Francisco – After two major education conferences in a row, I expected aggressive promotion of digital tools and products at last week’s NewSchools Venture Fund Summit, along with requisite promises of their potential to change teaching and learning forever. After all, I’d heard plenty of that at SXSWedu in Austin, and even more at… Read more »

Big Question For Edtech: But How Do We Know What’s Working?

As more than 900 entrepreneurs and educators converge in San Francisco this week, some will talk academic standards, literacy and charter schools. Others will bypass weighty sessions at NewSchools Venture Fund summit altogether, preferring to tinker with dozens of new tools and products that promise to “transform teaching and learning.’’ Participants can teach to student… Read more »