Luke O’Neil

Did They Ever Figure Out Who Did That Whole Anthrax Attack Thing?

As we get ready to commemorate another passage around the sun since 9/11, the day that is said to have changed everything, it is customary, amidst the pontificating and rending of political garments that typically ensues, for us to take stock of what lessons we’ve actually learned along the way. Fortunately all of the paranoia… Read more »

Steve King: Just Making Stuff Up About Immigrants

While we’ve heard rumors of the hypothetical potential for a reasonable discussion about immigration reform taking place in this country, we’ve yet to hear of anyone actually doing it. In the anecdotal evidence-based world of anthropomorphized corn husk Steve King, that’s good enough to disprove its existence. The Iowa Representative doubled down on his controversial… Read more »

Petite Woman In Pink Sneakers Does Her Own Law Stuff

Last night Texas Senator Wendy Davis completed one of the more admirable efforts in recent lawmaking history, carrying out a 13-hour filibuster meant to prevent passage of an onerously restrictive abortion bill. The over one hundred thousand people who tuned in to a live stream on YouTube, and the many thousands of observers on Twitter… Read more »