Lynda McDonnell

Vow-To Books

I wondered then if he was slyly placing odds on the durability of our new-made marriage. More likely, he was warning us. It was 1975, when the notions of open marriage and no-fault divorce looked ominous, and for a priest in small-town Minnesota, California seemed like the epicenter of apostasy and new twists on sin…. Read more »

The Body Politic

Only last fall, America’s foremost political mavericks, John McCain, Ralph Nader, and Pat Buchanan, came calling at the state capital to size up this phenomenon, perhaps hoping to absorb some of his magic or learn how to win voters with blunt talk. Even Al Gore cozied up to him. Ventura was the third-party candidate who… Read more »

The Ghost of Tom Joad

A friend who teaches college art history complains bitingly about her students’ ignorance of the Bible. How can aspiring artists understand Renaissance art—Michelangelo’s “David” or Raphael’s Virgin Mary—without knowing the major prophets, saints, and martyrs? Her complaint is not about the students’ lack of religious fervor, but their cultural illiteracy. Schooled in neither church nor… Read more »