Marc Lynch (Abu Aardvark)

The MB Question…

The MB Question….Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood held a sizable rally yesterday demanding reforms, and met with a pretty rough police response. This raises tough questions. What should America’s position be on the real possibility that Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood would win free, fair elections? How can you seriously have democracy if you exclude… Read more »

Damn it, Dan

Damn it, Dan….we’re supposed to be disagreeing, and you go and say that it was al-Jazeera’s broadcasts of the Iraqi elections that made the difference? Okay, you win! You’re right that we need to distinguish between whether the invasion of Iraq produces democracy in Iraq and whether it sparks democracy elsewhere in the region. I’ve… Read more »

Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point….Kevin says, if I may paraphrase, stop tip-toeing around the edges! I didn’t invite you guys here to agree with each other! No more “al-Jazeera this” and “NGOs that”! Answer the question already: “did the Iraq war spur the democratic reforms that we’ve recently seen sprouting in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and… Read more »

More on NGOs

MORE ON NGOs….Dan makes a good point about the problems with relying on NGO funding as a democracy promotion strategy. In the Arab context, this has played out in a couple of ways. First, you’ve got the “kiss of death” problem. Association with the United States is the fastest route towards being politically discredited in… Read more »

Money, meet mouth

Money, Meet Mouth….Reading through the Washington Monthly contributions, I see that Democrats continue to struggle with how to respond to Bush’s democracy rhetoric. Attack the idea of spreading democracy (and maybe point out the flaws in motherhood, apple pie, baseball, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, while you’re at it), or attack Bush’s shortcomings in actually… Read more »