Margaret Sullivan

Torie Clarke advised ‘candor’

Clarke’s “spin is dead” theory is a little like Madonna’s recent effort to convince the world she’s really settling down now, and leaving the house only to go to kabbalah yoga class or pick up organic produce for the kids. It sounds semi-plausible, vaguely admirable, and may help to sell the product. But it strains… Read more »

The Elephant in the Room

But Craig Crawford begs to disagree with any such dismissiveness. A columnist for Congressional Quarterly and a familiar TV talking head, Crawford has gone a few rounds in the ring himself. In his first book, Attack the Messenger, he makes the case that every American should be concerned about the eviscerated state of the press… Read more »

Friend & Foe

These days, Clinton must wish he had knocked Morris off his feet when he had the chance. Morris, once the former president’s closest confidant and advisor, his poll-wielding Svengali, and now a FOX News commentator and New York Post columnist, is keeping busy of late with his own cottage industry: Clinton-trashing. In a matched pair… Read more »

Twisted Sisters

If this sounds less refined than the perky, pearl-draped image of college sororities depicted in the last Reese Witherspoon movie, it surely is. And these examples only scratch the surface of a disturbing subculture ruled by out-of-control peer pressure and the lust for prestige. Consider the rampant eating disorders that Robbins reports from one campus,… Read more »

The Odd Couple

Washington Post reporter Ann Gerhart’s book deftly answers all sorts of questions about this odd couple’s relationship. But well-reported and perceptive as it is, her book can’t help but leave readers with an unanswerable question: What on earth is she doing with him? Physical attraction is one thing–Gerhart details the “crackling chemistry” between these two… Read more »