Mark Bauerlein

Are Our College Professors Too Old?

Millions of 18-year-olds are excited about heading to college this month — leaving home, making friends and taking courses that meet only a few hours a week. On the first day of classes, however, they may be startled to find that the professor who enters Calculus I or Intro to Philosophy is more than a… Read more »

Making a Liberal-Arts Education Pay

At the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association convention in November, I had lunch with speech-therapy professors from the University of North Carolina- Greensboro and learned a remarkable fact. Last spring, they told me, every one of their several dozen master’s students had a job lined up before graduation. I laughed and thought of my humanities world,… Read more »

Student Entrepreneurs?

Many years ago, when a new dean at my university referred to the faculty as “content providers,” my colleagues and I rolled our eyes. It was the latest hokey label for an old profession. There was “sage on the stage” (the distant lecturer on the podium), “guide on the side” (the collaborative, student- centered instructor)… Read more »