Mark Kleiman

How to Make More Good Blue-Collar Jobs

If you’re looking for a silver lining in the dark cloud of the Trump candidacy, you might notice that it has brought some attention to the worsening state of white people without a college degree. It’s not that the world is rosy for non-whites without college degrees, of course, but on average they were starting… Read more »

Apologies to Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders has demanded that Hillary Clinton apologize for accusing his campaign of lying. Since Clinton is overwhelmingly likely to be the nominee, and since she will need his voters to defeat Trump or Cruz or Kasich or the Fuller Brush Man or whoever the Republicans finally nominate, it would be in her interest… Read more »

Hilary Bricken on Investing in Cannabis

Hilary Bricken heads the cannabis law group at at Harris Moure, PLLC  and will lead the panel on “investing in cannabis” at the NYU Cannabis Science & Policy Summit two weeks from now. She has some good advice both for firms in the cannabis business seeking investors and for potential investors about the risks the firms need… Read more »

Trump Reverses Course on Unlawful Orders

Just the day after he doubled down on his assertion that he could order the U.S. military to violate the laws of war by committing torture and murdering enemies’ families, and that he would be obeyed because he’s such a great leader, Donald Trump backed off, without of course admitting that he’d be wrong. Of… Read more »

What Makes Bernie (Continue) to Run?

UPDATE Lots of Twitter response to this. No, I’m not accusing Sanders of “grifting.” His goal is influence, not money. I’m just asking him to level with his followers. Nate Silver, whose predictions I rely on below, sums up today’s voting: Sanders won two of three states, but actually fell 11 delegates farther behind Clinton,… Read more »