Markos Kounalakis

The Monthly Interview

Immediately after 9/11, the New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright e-mailed his editor, David Remnick, and said, Put me to work. He wasnt kidding. Wright spent the next five years traveling to remote corners of the world in an ambitious attempt to explain the intellectual and political origins of al-Qaeda. He interviewed more than 600 people,… Read more »

The Monthly Interview

For most of us, the strange saga of Bill OReillys sexual harassment of a female colleague dragged public discourse to a new low in the fall of 2004. Nobody ever really wanted to hear OReillys unorthodox suggestions for the amorous use of a loofahor, as he termed it, a falafel. But for the Seattle composer… Read more »

Search Lite

John Battelle adds an important volume to the history of the Silicon Valley by documenting the development of Google. Like those before him, he has approached an obscure and intangible subject which affects the way nearly everyone lives, works, and loves. Battelle has done the long-term reporting required to give The Search the social and… Read more »