Martin Longman

Martin Longman is the web editor of the Washington Monthly.

He is also the founder Progress Pond where you can find all his writing. Before joining the Monthly, Martin was a county coordinator for ACORN/Project Vote and a political consultant. He has a degree in philosophy from Western Michigan University.

Midday Roundup

Ezra Klein says you should blame the Chinese for the high price of ground beef. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina had his hind quarters handed to him by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Unsurprisingly, the president used his weekly address to honor those that have given their lives during military service. Less predictably, the… Read more »

Some Dude Wrote a Manifesto

I have mixed feelings about how to discuss mass killers who leave manifestos explaining their behavior. In a way, I wish we could all collectively ignore their writings and never even mention their names. For example, in all my writings about the Newtown massacres, I have tried to avoid mentioning the shooter’s name. Why enlarge… Read more »

Don’t Call It ObamaCare

It’s depressing that so many red state citizens tell pollsters that they oppose ObamaCare even as they report liking their state’s health exchanges. I suppose, however, that this is an area ripe for investigation by social scientists. They can discover exactly what the effect of the Republicans’ disinformation effort is on the populace by comparing… Read more »

The NSA Is Not On Your Side

Quinn Norton has written an interesting article on how insecure our online communications are and why we seem culturally incapable of doing anything about it. Part of his explanation is that the Intelligence Community is itself living in a world without privacy so they’ve lost touch with the value of privacy. What they value is… Read more »