Martin Longman

Martin Longman is the web editor of the Washington Monthly.

He is also the founder Progress Pond where you can find all his writing. Before joining the Monthly, Martin was a county coordinator for ACORN/Project Vote and a political consultant. He has a degree in philosophy from Western Michigan University.

Enough Already

Here’s what I don’t understand. Does anyone seriously think that people are saving enough for retirement? Moreover, no one makes any money off their money anymore. If you want to make interest, you have to invest, and your investment has to be at least somewhat risky. So, why would anyone talk about cutting people’s Social… Read more »

History Palinized

If you could turn stupid into a fuel, you could use Sarah Palin to leave the Solar System. Her appearance at Liberty University set a new standard for idiocy in a public figure. Before I quote her, I want to remind you that Thomas Jefferson was so dissatisfied with the New Testament that he cut… Read more »

Lipstick on a Pig

When someone asks you if a victim of rape should be compelled by the state to carry a resulting pregnancy to term, it is not a gaffe if you reply that this hypothetical almost never happens because women’s bodies have a way of preventing conception when they are under stress. It’s also not a gaffe… Read more »

Don’t Revive the Filibuster

I don’t like any of Jonathan Bernstein’s proposals to revive the filibuster for judicial nominees. I’m sympathetic to his motivation, as lifetime appointments are a big deal, and I can see the merit in applying some kind of supermajority requirement for those posts. But I also want to discourage the Senate from acting like a… Read more »

Word Association

Let’s play a game. I’ll name a year, and you name the first two ideas/concepts that come into your head. Are you ready? Here we go… 2000- 1. Butterfly ballot, 2. hanging chad 2001- 1. 9/11, 2. shark attacks 2002- 1. Color-coded terror charts, duct tape 2003- 1. Invasion of Iraq, 2. Valerie Plame 2004-… Read more »