Martin Longman

Martin Longman is the web editor of the Washington Monthly.

He is also the founder Progress Pond where you can find all his writing. Before joining the Monthly, Martin was a county coordinator for ACORN/Project Vote and a political consultant. He has a degree in philosophy from Western Michigan University.

Strange History

I agree with Steve M. that this version of history provided by the Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza is deeply strange: [New Jersey Governor Chris] Christie is increasingly seen as the one candidate who might be able to bridge the divide between the establishment and the tea party that is in the process of ripping the… Read more »

Open Warfare

Rightly or wrongly, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is seen as the man who is responsible for the recent government shutdown. As a result, a small plurality of Republicans now see Cruz as their party’s leader. That is not helping him deal with the simmering resentment he has aroused on Capitol Hill among his colleagues…. Read more »

How to Save the Right From Itself

Ever since California changed their election laws in 2010, I’ve been thinking about how to orchestrate a progressive insurgency from the Golden State. Despite my obsession, my ideas are still somewhat nebulous. Now I’m beginning to think about how the moderate, pro-business right can use some of the same ideas to revive the right’s fortunes… Read more »

Riding the Tiger

It seems like almost every major news organization in the country is running an article about how the business community is frustrated with the Tea Party and contemplating how they can wrest back control of the Republican Party from the nihilists who almost destroyed the full faith and credit of the United States. In the… Read more »

Was It Worth It?

Remember back when this government shutdown started and the Republicans had so many ambitions? They were going to defund ObamaCare, or at least delay the individual mandate for a year. They were going to introduce a “conscience clause” that would allow employers to deny their workers access to contraception. They were going to compel the… Read more »