Matt Connolly

Matt Connolly works for a labor union in Washington, D.C. He was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2015 to 2017.

Vote from Home, Save Your Country – Inside the January/February Issue of the Washington Monthly

January/February 2016 Table of Contents We Can Change America’s Political Map by Letting Voters Mail It In By Paul Glastris Talk of the Toons By The Editors Features Lettuce Pray A consolidated food industry brings you salad and chicken nuggets cheaper—and spreads deadly food-borne pathogens farther. By Anne Kim Benefits for the Rest of Us… Read more »

Regional Inequality Is Out of Control — Inside the November/December Issue of the Washington Monthly

November/December 2015 Table of Contents Editor’s Note: America’s Forgotten Formula for Economic Equality By Paul Glastris Tilting at Windmills Jesters want the throne … Bureaucrats with jet packs … Just ask JFK. By Michelle Cottle Talk of the Toons By the Editors Features Confessions of a Paywall Journalist Thanks to a booming trade press, lobbyists… Read more »

Drive By

How companies like Uber work around regulations, avoid paying taxes, and shaft their workers.

Throwback Thursday: Ted Turner’s Beef With Big Media

This week we previewed our upcoming magazine issue with Confessions of a Paywall Journalist, John Heltman’s look at the rise of the trade press in Washington. It’s far from the first time we’ve published a first-person account of the state of media, though. Back in the summer of 2004, Ted Turner discussed the various ways… Read more »