Matt Connolly

Before joining the Washington Monthly in January 2015, Matt worked at WBEZ, the Washington Examiner,, and Mother Jones. He has a degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University.

Grading Carly Fiorina on K-12

GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina, one member of the relatively large contingent of political outsiders running for president, appeared at yesterday’s New Hampshire Education Summit, where she praised school vouchers, attacked Race to the Top, and generally hit all the Republican talking points. But it’s not the general arguments she made that were notable — it’s… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: What’s your favorite book?

This week’s offering dives deep into the campaign question that you’re sure to hear in the next year, one that can seem inane or insightful depending on your tolerance for the presidential horse race. In our April 2003 issue, Brent Kendall looked back at the history of candidates being asked for their reading lists and… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: The Theocracy Lobby

With tonight’s overstuffed Republican debate approaching, this week’s throwback is a Max Blumenthal piece from our October 2003 issue about the National Clergy Council, a little-known but influential religious conservative advocacy organization, and its leader the Reverend Rob Schenck. The group found success in the Bush years, lobbying members of Congress, organizing rallies, and calling… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: The Progressive Way to Save Hunting

While the country is outraged over the killing of Cecil the Lion, it’s worth revisiting Christina Larson’s article from our January/February 2006 issue on why hunting is a great American pastime — and why it takes a progressive government to save it. Most American hunters aren’t Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, of course. They’re hunting quarry… Read more »