Matt Connolly

Matt Connolly works for a labor union in Washington, D.C. He was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 2015 to 2017.

Throwback Thursday: The Theocracy Lobby

With tonight’s overstuffed Republican debate approaching, this week’s throwback is a Max Blumenthal piece from our October 2003 issue about the National Clergy Council, a little-known but influential religious conservative advocacy organization, and its leader the Reverend Rob Schenck. The group found success in the Bush years, lobbying members of Congress, organizing rallies, and calling… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: The Progressive Way to Save Hunting

While the country is outraged over the killing of Cecil the Lion, it’s worth revisiting Christina Larson’s article from our January/February 2006 issue on why hunting is a great American pastime — and why it takes a progressive government to save it. Most American hunters aren’t Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer, of course. They’re hunting quarry… Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Damien Cave on Hollywood in Cuba

This week’s throwback story is “Castro’s Casting Couch,” from our April 2003 issue. While U.S.-Cuba relations are thawing right now, with the two countries’ embassies reopening and increased American tourism likely to follow, Damien Cave’s feature recalls a time when some of the most prominent American visitors to the country were Hollywood directors and A-list… Read more »