Matthew Kahn

Real Estate Opportunities Provided by Climate Change?

Justin Gillis focuses on which U.S Eastern coastal areas are at increased flood risk due to rising sea levels. People have to live somewhere. If specific areas such as Norfolk Virginia are at increased risk of flooding, what areas on “higher ground” will experience increased demand to live there? Could real estate developers help the… Read more »

A Good Christmas Present?

On December 25th and 26th, Amazon will be giving away free e-book copies of my Fundamentals of Environmental Economics. This is not your typical textbook. This book presents many new ideas and examples as it discusses articles from the NY Times and from the frontier of environmental and urban economics. After teaching my 116 student… Read more »

Attracting and Retaining the Skilled

UC Berkeley’s Enrico Moretti has published an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal. “Since 1980, data show that the economic success of a city has been increasingly defined by its number of highly educated workers. Cities with many college-educated workers and innovative employers started attracting more of the same, and cities with a less… Read more »

What the New ‘Nimble Economy’ Really Needs

I am in Singapore working at NUS but I continue to read the New York Times. David Autor and David Dorn have written an important piece about the role that computers have played in hollowing out middle class jobs. They end on an optimistic note; There will be job opportunities in middle-skill jobs, but not… Read more »

What’s Wrong With Undergraduate Teaching?

This post builds on Michael O’Hare’s recent post about what Janet Napolitano should do at the University of California I focus on two changes to the incentive system. Al Roth shared the 2012 Nobel Prize (with my colleague Lloyd Shapley) for his work on mechanism design. This subfield offers some clues for how to achieve… Read more »