Merrill Goozner

Merrill Goozner, a former editor of Modern Healthcare, publishes GoozNews the Substack where this article originally appeared.

Trial and Error

Are things about to change? The signs are certainly there. First, the Bush administration’s deeply-flawed Medicare drug benefit, which passed late last year after an unprecedented all-night session of arm-twisting, has proved unpopular with the public, and especially with seniors, largely because of the giveaways to pharmaceutical companies insisted upon by the GOP. Not only… Read more »

Drug Antics

Nowhere has this connection between horrific events and “regulatory creep”–the deliberately obfuscating phrase favored by conservative deregulators–been more apparent than in the evolution of the nation’s food and drug laws. Only after Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle alerted average Americans to the human butchery taking place inside meatpacking plants did Congress, in 1906, create an agency… Read more »