Michael Hiltzik


Ciao?.With this post I close my guest tenure this week on Political Animal. As a long time reader, first time blogger, I found the experience a blast, a grind, and a rush. Certainly I acquired deeper respect for the sheer toilsomeness of the effort and for those who do it, day after day. I return… Read more »

The Next Social Security Meme

The Next Social Security Meme?.As the privatization campaign starts gearing up for what may be its last great push this fall, we should expect expect to hear more about domestic private-account schemes that are supposedly working better than Social Security. Prime among them will be a program created in 1979 for municipal employees in Galveston,… Read more »

John Carroll and the L.A. Times

John Carroll and the L.A. Times?.The news industry is wrongly convinced that the world is fascinated by such inside developments as executive comings and goings. That said, as staff member of the Los Angeles Times for more than 20 years, I feel obliged to contribute my own take on the voluminously-reported announcement that John Carroll… Read more »

Weekend Literary Blogging (A Personal Experiment)

Weekend Literary Blogging (A Personal Experiment)?Most of us, I suspect, harbor a great fondness for an author or two who we believe deserve a much larger fan base?a personal favorite who we promote to all our friends yet who never quite breaks through to the general audience. I?m not talking about authors like Wodehouse who… Read more »

A boondoggle grows in San Francisco

A boondoggle grows in San Francisco?.The initial euphoria inspired by California?s passage of a $3-billion bond program for embryonic stem cell research last November has already faded, replaced by mounting questions about where the money is, whether it will be spent openly and honestly, and whether the program will yield any real benefits for the… Read more »