Michael Hirsh

Bloody Necessary

When it comes to grappling with the giant across the Atlantic, European thinkers of this generation tend to behave like Tolstoy’s children. They toy intellectually with American power, lamenting its excesses, warning of its evils, advising endlessly on its better uses–usually without acknowledging that it is the very thing that has kept them free to… Read more »

Bernard Lewis Revisited

The hero of this grand transformation was Kemal Ataturk. A generation before Lewis’s visit to Turkey, Ataturk (the last name, which he adopted, means “father of all Turks”), had seized control of the dying Ottoman Sultanate. Intent on single-handedly shoving his country into the modern West–“For the people, despite the people,” he memorably declared–Ataturk imposed… Read more »

Imperialism of Neighbors

On this point, the critics have been proven right. More than a month after the fall of Baghdad, Iraq remains chaotic and lawless, its citizens subject to daily criminal violence and afraid to leave their homes. This suffering could have been greatly alleviated had there been more allied troops on the ground. Defense Secretary Donald… Read more »