Michael Kinsley

Michael Kinsley is a columnist for Bloomberg View, and was previously a columnist for Politico, the Washington PostTime, and the Wall Street Journal. He was an editor of The New Republic and a founding editor of Slate magazine. His most recent book is Please Don’t Remain Calm (WW Norton & Company, 2008). His most recent article for the Monthly was in our Just The Facts Symposium. He worked at the Washington Monthly as a managing editor from 1975 to 1976.

About Rising Inflation, Please Remain Worried

About two years ago I wrote an article saying that despite the lack of evidence, and despite the near-universal belief among economists that it was not a problem, I was worried about inflation. My reason was that I couldn’t see how the government could pay off the massive debt it was running up except by… Read more »

Romney Debates Romney About Health-Care Reform

OK, let’s go through this one more time. In 2006, Mitt Romney, as governor of Massachusetts, guided to passage, signed with a flourish and implemented with fanfare a health-care reform law for his state. It was intended to achieve universal health coverage — a long-standing liberal goal that was not even on the Democrats’ national… Read more »

America’s Spoiled Voters, in Iowa and Elsewhere

Seven days ago, the Rick Santorum boom was still a glint in Mike Allen’s eye. In a Des Moines Register poll published the weekend before the Iowa caucuses, 41 percent of respondents said they weren’t sure whom they were going to support. And these were people who expressed an intention to attend a caucus. They… Read more »

Palestinians’ Next “Invention” Will Be a State

In November 1947, shortly after the United Nations voted for partition of the Holy Land into separate Arab and Jewish states, Chaim Weizmann was cited by the New York Times as saying that “the most important work now was to build Palestine.” What? To build Palestine? Yes, in 1947 the word “Palestinian” –if it meant… Read more »

When Obama Music Ends, Class Warfare Begins

“This isn’t about class warfare,” President Barack Obama said this week, in his speech at a high school in Osawatomie, Kansas. But in fact, the president dived into many of the themes that have been urged on him by left-wing class warriors: the disappearing middle class, “the breathtaking greed of a few,” “insurance companies that… Read more »