Michael Kinsley

Michael Kinsley is a columnist for Bloomberg View, and was previously a columnist for Politico, the Washington PostTime, and the Wall Street Journal. He was an editor of The New Republic and a founding editor of Slate magazine. His most recent book is Please Don’t Remain Calm (WW Norton & Company, 2008). His most recent article for the Monthly was in our Just The Facts Symposium. He worked at the Washington Monthly as a managing editor from 1975 to 1976.

The Capital-Gains Tax: A Tragedy in Two Acts

Critics of the capital-gains tax are absolutely correct when they say that a tax on capital hurts our economy by reducing the incentive to save and invest. They say the same thing about the tax on investment interest, and they’re right about that, too. Unfortunately, this is true of every method of taxing capital, just… Read more »

The Conservative Case for Right-to-Work Laws

The enactment of a so-called right- to-work law by the state of Michigan this week is indeed, as the news media have described it, a blow against the union movement. Michigan, of all places. But it is also a blow against fairness and common sense. “Right to work” sounds like a law guaranteeing you a… Read more »

My Pathetic Weakness for ‘Downton Abbey’

As an Anglophile, I’m as pathetic as the next chap. My idea of a good time is to be in London, drinking at lunch with some well-lubricated British journalist friends, stumbling out when it’s already getting dark, tea at a fancy hotel, and then theatre in the evening. Then repeat. And, yes, when I’m not… Read more »

Who’s Standing in the Way of Change? You Are

Bill Clinton became U.S. president on a platform of “change.” Not change in any particular way — just change in the abstract. Like characters in a Chekhov play, Americans found daily life unbearable in some usually unspecified way and dreamed of escape. But they didn’t have the energy to achieve escape velocity. Then along came… Read more »

The Great Campaign Polling Conspiracy

It’s a small matter, I know, compared with the historic issues now obsessing the commentariat, such as the fiscal cliff and how many mistresses and admirers former Army General David Petraeus could keep in the air simultaneously. But before we say goodbye to the Campaign 2012, I would just like to point out that the… Read more »