Michael Kinsley

Michael Kinsley is a columnist for Bloomberg View, and was previously a columnist for Politico, the Washington PostTime, and the Wall Street Journal. He was an editor of The New Republic and a founding editor of Slate magazine. His most recent book is Please Don’t Remain Calm (WW Norton & Company, 2008). His most recent article for the Monthly was in our Just The Facts Symposium. He worked at the Washington Monthly as a managing editor from 1975 to 1976.

Let the 2016 Punditry Begin

Today is the day of the Great Pundits Pivot. It happens every four years, the day after a presidential election. Before the election, every commentator wants to be Michael Barone. Afterward, everyone wants to be Oswald Spengler. Mike Barone is a rightly esteemed Washington journalist — long ago a wonky liberal, now a cranky conservative,… Read more »

A Harvard Man’s Critique of Affirmative Action

Stuart Taylor Jr. was in my law school class. Or, more accurately, I was in his law school class, since he graduated at the top of the class and I graduated. Now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Taylor has co-written, with Richard H. Sander, a professor of law at UCLA, an influential book… Read more »

Mitt Romney vs. the English Language

My favorite moment of the 2012 presidential debates came at the beginning of the final confrontation Monday night. The moderator, Bob Schieffer, invited both candidates to “give your thoughts” on the Middle East. Republican nominee Mitt Romney went first and began with a typical stumbling attempt to be charming, almost successful in its very failure:… Read more »

Check Arguments, Not Facts

This political campaign has been a frustrating blizzard of numbers and studies. One side says $344 billion over 21 years, then the other side calls that a desperate lie and says the real number is up to $1 trillion over the next decade. The first side then attempts to validate its number by saying it… Read more »

Maybe President Romney Wouldn’t Be So Bad

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not hoping for this or expecting it, but maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Mitt Romney became president. Never in my life have I supported a Republican for president, and I don’t intend to start now. I’m voting for Obama, and I urge you to… Read more »