Michael Kinsley

Michael Kinsley is a columnist for Bloomberg View, and was previously a columnist for Politico, the Washington PostTime, and the Wall Street Journal. He was an editor of The New Republic and a founding editor of Slate magazine. His most recent book is Please Don’t Remain Calm (WW Norton & Company, 2008). His most recent article for the Monthly was in our Just The Facts Symposium. He worked at the Washington Monthly as a managing editor from 1975 to 1976.

Mitt Romney’s Bigotry Needs No Spokesman

Mitt Romney didn’t exactly fire Ric Grenell, who is gay, as his foreign policy spokesman. But when the religious right got wind of Grenell’s hiring, his job started to shrink. Grenell was told to sit in on conference calls with reporters and not say anything, which is tantamount to firing him. He was told to… Read more »

Paying the Toll for Bridging the Great Divide

Two floating bridges across Lake Washington connect Seattle with its eastern suburbs. The roadbeds rest on huge pontoons and sway a bit as you drive across them on a windy day. One is the last gasp of Interstate 90 as it finishes its journey from Boston to the Puget Sound. The other is State Route… Read more »

Mitt Romney: Candidate or Motivational Poster?

“I am being sunk by a society that demands success when all I can offer is failure,” says the ruined theater impresario Max Bialystock in Mel Brooks’s “The Producers.” Mitt Romney sees things differently: He is offering success to a society that seems to actually prefer failure. “If people think there’s something wrong with being… Read more »

A Guide to the Class Warfare of Presidential Politics

Everyone says there’s a class war going on in the U.S. If so, it is, at least so far, a war of words. It’s also a war in which a principal tactic is to accuse the other side of fighting a class war, while denying that you’re fighting one yourself. Meanwhile, everybody claims to be… Read more »

Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Lobbying Campaign

The busiest subway stop in downtown Washington was until recently festooned with green banners and billboards warning of a terrible danger. One of America’s great national symbols is under attack: the dollar bill. A few unpatriotic senators want to phase out the dollar bill and replace it with a dollar coin. Several previous attempts to… Read more »