Minjae Park

Rick Santorum Still Waiting For “Real Facts” On Penn State Scandal

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh released his report detailing how Penn State officials failed to act upon learning Jerry Sandusky sexually abused children. The NCAA imposed a heavy punishment on Penn State that includes a four-year ban on bowl games, a $60 million fine, and a vacation of the football program’s victories since 1998. The… Read more »

What To Do About Joe Paterno’s Statue?

The question of whether or not to remove the bronze statue of Joe Paterno outside Penn State’s football stadium has become the subject of debate in the wake of former FBI director Louis Freeh’s report on the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones tweeted Friday morning, “Am told that Penn State… Read more »

How Much To Rename A Business School?

Stephen M. Ross’s donation in 2004 to rename the University of Michigan business school the Ross School of Business: $100 million. David G. Booth’s donation in 2008 to rename the University of Chicago business school the Booth School of Business: $300 million. Renaming elite schools isn’t cheap. Here’s a list compiled by a Quora user… Read more »

“Hard, Vague, Dim” Views on Marijuana Legalization

Most views in the marijuana legalization debate can be described as “hard, vague, and dim,” said Mark Kleiman, a University of California, Los Angeles public policy professor, at an event on Tuesday hosted by the American Enterprise Institute. People tend to have hard views on both sides of the debate on legalizing marijuana, strongly in… Read more »

Arne Duncan to States: Step Up

Speaking at the National Governors Association on Friday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan urged states to “meet us halfway by doing more to keep college costs down.” “We’ve made some progress,” he said, “but the combination of deep state budget cuts and rising tuition prices is pushing an affordable college education out of reach for… Read more »