Minjae Park

Expanding Access to Pell Grants

As student loan debt and the cost of attending college continue to rise, the U.S. Department of Education has proposed a study to assess what effect expanding access to Pell grants to students will have on their employment and earnings. The study consists of two experiments. In each, the Department will make a single change… Read more »

“Fix the Economy, Forgive Student Debt”

Getachew Kassa is the type of person the Student Loan Forgiveness Act is supposed to help. Kassa graduated in 2010 from the University of Oregon with a degree in political science and $30,000 in debt from student loans. “I didn’t fully realize the amount of debt I would own after graduation and how that would… Read more »

Why I “Chose” My Bank

My student ID card—we call them WildCARDs at Northwestern, our mascot being a wildcat—doubles up as a debit card for my U.S. Bank checking account. A study published last month says such dual purpose student ID cards are common. But linking checking accounts to student IDs creates problems, according to “The Campus Debit Card Trap:… Read more »

All Get Along?

Twenty years before Trayvon Martin’s death, Rodney King’s brutal beating showed Americans how heavily race factors into our system of justice, from law enforcement to trials. Sunday’s announcement of King’s death, at the age of 47, reminds Americans—as Martin did earlier this year—of the power of a single person in symbolizing systemic social problems. King’s… Read more »

Trouble Making Friends in America

The thinking behind U.S. colleges accepting large numbers of international students, at least ostensibly, is that American students will have much to learn from them, while those students—who fill spots that could go to American students—will also improve their English, encounter American culture and make American friends. But a study published Thursday by the National… Read more »