Nancy LeTourneau

Nancy has been a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly since November 2014. Before then, she wrote at her own blog, Horizons, for almost a decade.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Studies/Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Theology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She provided counseling and therapy in various settings before becoming the executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention.

What’s Up Next for the Obama Administration?

As we await word on whether or not there will be an agreement with Iran about their nuclear weapons program, we’ve seen a burst of activity recently from the Obama administration on things like diplomatic relations with Cuba and a new overtime rule for workers. But what’s next for a White House that plans to… Read more »

Initial Steps in Building a Feminist Foreign Policy

A few months ago I wrote about our need to work towards a more feminist foreign policy. At the time, I quoted this from an article by Jenny Nordberg about Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom. Wallstrom also cites a growing body of research showing that women’s security is directly related to both national and international… Read more »

The Role of Peggy Noonan’s Pearl Clutching

I have to admit that no one on the right intrigues me more than Peggy Noonan. It might be because she is the most prominent female conservative pundit. But it also has to do with her unique skill at pearl-clutching. She is absolutely the queen of that venue. Exhibit A would be her recent column… Read more »

Bernie, Hillary…and Joe

The story in the Democratic primary last week was all about Bernie-mania. Sanders drew a huge crowd in Denver and gained ground on Clinton in a poll in Iowa. On the former, Jonathan Topaz points out that it’s a good strategy for an insurgent. He’s running to win a movement as much as an election,… Read more »

President Obama and Risk-Taking

One of the critiques of President Obama that has some merit is that he is pretty risk-averse. He doesn’t take a lot of chances on things that might prove to be failures. For example, the President has been very clear about the fact that he would have preferred a single payer health insurance system. But… Read more »