Nancy LeTourneau

Nancy has been a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly since November 2014. Before then, she wrote at her own blog, Horizons, for almost a decade.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Studies/Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Theology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She provided counseling and therapy in various settings before becoming the executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention.

Odds & Ends

How can anyone look at the fact that Scott Walker is apparently surging in Iowa and not recall all of the candidates who surged – then fizzled – in the lead-up to the 2012 Republican presidential nomination? Will recent history repeat itself? Yesterday I wrote about how the federal government is finally moving past the… Read more »

A Not-American Sniper

I haven’t seen the movie American Sniper. And I don’t plan to. I’m also not terribly interested in the back-and-forth that’s going on over the politicization of the movie. But all the commotion about this film reminded me of a much more authentic sniper’s story from the book The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway…. Read more »

Some Progressives Are Confused by the Long Game

President Obama’s “pen and phone” strategy (which he announced a year ago) has confused a lot of progressives. The title of this article by Markos Moulitsas pretty well sums it up: “Imagine that: Obama decides he’ll fight for people, approvals soar.” He’s right that President Obama’s approval rating has risen over the last couple of… Read more »

Senator McConnell’s Headaches

I assume that Mitch McConnell actually wanted to be the Senate’s Majority Leader. But as he’s finding out lately – the job comes with a lot of headaches. We’ve seen how Boehner and McConnell have been scrambling to get their members lined up to pass a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security by… Read more »