Nancy LeTourneau

Nancy has been a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly since November 2014. Before then, she wrote at her own blog, Horizons, for almost a decade.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Studies/Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Theology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She provided counseling and therapy in various settings before becoming the executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention.

Can I Make You Smile?

There is very little news today, so I thought I’d close out this edition of Saturday blogging by doing my best to see if I can make you smile. The big question of the day is: Where is Vladimir Putin? If he’s not really in Martin’s basement (call me skeptical), then Max Fisher’s idea is… Read more »

Separating the Signal From the Noise

I’m coming late and reluctantly to the game. But I am finally going to write a few words about the current hysteria over Hillary Clinton. First of all, we don’t know whether or not she will be the Democratic nominee in 2016. That looks extremely likely, but I don’t indulge in fortune-telling. If she is… Read more »

ISIS and Islam

A few weeks ago Graeme Wood garnered a lot of attention for his article in The Atlantic titled: What ISIS Really Wants. Conservatives (like Peggy Noonan) used it to attack President Obama for his unwillingness to call ISIS “radical Islamists.” Mehdi Hasan has written a thorough and comprehensive response to Wood’s assertions titled: How Islamic… Read more »

GOP: A Party in Disarray

It’s almost hard to remember that time four months ago when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner were writing op-eds in the Wall Street Journal reveling in their success in the 2014 midterms and promising to prove the skeptics wrong with all they were going to accomplish. Then reality hit. We’ve seen them:… Read more »

Jeb Bush Steps Up on Immigration

Jeb Bush just made the race for the 2016 Republican nomination a lot more interesting. “It’s easy to say, ‘Well, anything you propose is amnesty,’ but that’s not a plan,” Mr. Bush said during a discussion with local business leaders here. “That’s a sentiment, that’s not a plan. I think the best plan, the most… Read more »