Nancy LeTourneau

A Feminist Foreign Policy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the fact that Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom was being accused of Islamophobia for her attempts to speak up for the rights of women in Saudi Arabia. Jenny Nordberg has also written about the story in the New Yorker and interviewed FM Wallstron. In discussing the possibility… Read more »

Stepford Husbands

No cinematic endeavor better captured what patriarchy did to women than The Stepford Wives. We still have a ways to go in freeing women from those kinds of constraints, but as the saying goes, “You’ve come a long way baby!” I would suggest, however, that in order to end patriarchy, men have to change too…. Read more »

A Whole New Brand of “Political Correctness”

As the media becomes consumed with the 2016 presidential election and begins to (as President Obama said back in 2004) “slice and dice” the electorate, I’ve started to notice a pattern. The group of voters that seems to fascinate them the most is working class whites – mostly men. Even though they are a shrinking… Read more »

Posturing on Iran

The reaction from Republicans and some pundits to the fact that President Obama is likely to sign a bill that allows Congress to weigh in on a final deal between Iran and the P5+1 countries has been a bit amusing to watch. For example, Sen. Corker – Republican chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee… Read more »

A Presidential Campaign Focused on Foreign Policy

It has become conventional wisdom these days that Republicans want the 2016 presidential contest to focus on foreign policy. While they seem to have a knack for critiquing what President Obama is doing in that arena, they are offering precious little by way of alternatives. President Obama summarized his approach pretty well early on in… Read more »